Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Seriously Smitten Keepsakes is born...

With a lot of thought and trepidation Seriously Smitten Keepsakes is born.

 After months of pondering what my niche would be and many a nights researching until my eyes were burning from reading a computer screen for so long, I took the plunge and I am opening a Keepsake business. After weeks of coming up with names only to find some else already owned it and starting over and over again did Seriously Smitten Keepsakes finally stick. Seriously is one my favorite words; if not my favorite.  Those who know me well can attest to how much I use it. Smitten is another word that I love and together I think they sound great. The Keepsake comes in to sort of tell you what I do, but without the boundaries of using jewelry or scrapbooking, etc.
 All of my pieces use metal. I will be hand stamping metal and making custom jewelry with your children's names, birth dates, anniversary, or whatever word or phrase you love. Along with hand stamped tags and embellishments for your scrapbooks. They are the next step to making your favorite memories even more personal. I am so excited about the products I am making and look forward to sharing them with you and the world.
 I hope you will follow me on this journey and even maybe find something that you are Seriously Smitten about. You can find me at http://www.seriouslysmitten.etsy.com/ If you don't see something that is exactly what you want convo me and we'll create something together just for you. I want my pieces to be as meaningful to you as they are to me.
 Thank you for stopping by. To those of you who helped along the painful journey to get to this point some how THANK YOU doesn't seem to be enough. You know who you are and I love you.

- Tricia